Company Overview




Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is a registered corporation in Singapore since 1997. In our corporation we have five primary businesses (Facility Maintenance, Consultation, Energy Management, Operations and minor construction / renovation). Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. has extensive experience in the operation, maintenance and management of commercial , industrial and residential buildings. Our experience spans a broad array of services, including:

Maintenance services
M&E services
Engineering / Technical support
Building Automation

In performing this work, Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. has dealt with mechanical systems, electrical and utility systems and infrastructures of every type, size, age and degree of technical sophistication.

The benefits of this experience are two fold. First, Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. has a thorough knowledge of the requirements mandated by today’s technically advanced buildings. This includes control and reporting systems to track labor and material costs as well as documentation systems to ensure collection and summation of maintenance data for management activities such as configuration control, performance analysis and specification compliance. Second, Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. facilities management approach has proven effective in the most demanding of environments.

Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. organization chart enclosed is the business units responsible for all aspects of facility operation and maintenance. The scope of services range from innovation facility and energy systems concept and designs to on – site building management.
Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. has extensive experience in managing, operating and / or maintenance facility of all types, providing total facility / plant support operations and maintenance. We support major facilities including those with unusual requirements.
We maintain facilities and operations by integrating TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) philosophy directly into our day-to-day working procedures. Employees are trained to provide quality performance services.
Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is a support services contracting company with vast Commercial experience. We are striving to be a leader in facilities operations and maintenance innovation.
Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. employs engineers, technicians, craft employees and operational specialists in all disciplines. We provide Total Facility support operations to commercial and industrial clients in the areas of structural, electrical and mechanical maintenance; energy conservation systems; and system repair. We provide state-of-the-art energy conservation programs including on-site energy surveys, energy conservation program implementation, and energy survey reports for energy reduction programs.

Our organization is designed to provide our customers access to all resources of Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. necessary to surpass their anticipation’s. Our on-site Project Managers can call upon these resources should they require any technical or management support. One of the benefits of a diverse corporation such as Air Tech Engineering and Construction Pte. Ltd. is that a wide range of support and expertise is available through a simple telephone call.

Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is committed to being the market dominant leader in providing performance-based facility management services to all facilities that we manage. We are a provider of a comprehensive range of value-added facility services.


Services and support available include:

Project Management, mechanical maintenance, electrical, custodial and support services.
Focused corporate resources on each project; expertise on budget and accounting activities, data management, maintenance management, project operations and a full spectrum of facility management services.
Application engineering (HVAC, FIRE, ELECTRICAL, AND PLUMBING), construction / installation, electrical and mechanical installation.



Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. staff has a combination of more than 20 years experience in total building operations and maintenance, including full support services.

Our experience is extensive and encompasses both industrial and commercial clients in management, operations and maintenance services. Through the Facility Maintenance Services we provide operations and maintenance and facility management services to a wide variety of commercial clients. Some of these Total Facility management operations services include utility operations; Chiller maintenance; electrical, mechanical and HVAC services; Building Automation systems; and support functions such as engineering and administrative services. We have extensive experience in maintenance, servicing and operation of chillers, air conditioning systems, pneumatic and electronic control systems, and related power plant systems. Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is a company committed to service contracting. We are not a newcomer in this industry; our work-load management systems, in-depth technical expertise and comprehensive planning and estimating capabilities have been specifically developed and refined for O & M service contracting. We have made a long-term investment in this business. We are focused on building upon our experience base, and are not affected by the economic downturns and upturns of other in-house business.

When we review our experience, two basic themes are apparent. First, our performance strongly related to the willingness of our people to try new ideas, to adapt and to improve. In an environment that requires complex facilities support and the management of diverse resources pools. It is essential that we remain receptive to change, open to experimentation and committed to improvement in the way we do business. Secondly, our success rests on a solid foundation of fundamental business values. We value integrity in every service we perform; we value our people because they are part of Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd.; and we value customer satisfaction, which is attained through partnering, productivity, quality and service.


We are experienced in the maintenance of many types of buildings and industrial equipment. Our experience spans the maintenance of sewage, plumbing, fire suppression, electrical and HVAC systems. It includes property maintenance, industrial plant equipment upkeep, elevator, hoist and dumbwaiter maintenance. As a result of our expertise in operations and maintenance services, we have a keen appreciation for critical electrical, mechanical and utility systems reliability. We self-perform the operations and maintenance of all critical equipment. Additionally, we self-perform the operations and maintenance of crucial utilities for facilities that have critical utility requirements.


Our electrical and mechanical system O & M experience covers HVAC, compressed air, emergency power generators, electrical generation and distribution, sewage, and fire alarm systems.